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The company Sokol d.o.o. with over 3000 employed licensed security guards, is the largest private security company for providing all types of private security services in the Republic of Croatia.

Business stability, professional responsibility and expertise and professionalism of our employees are categories that we are extremely proud of and for which we are recognized by long-term clients of the company, and for which we provide protection services at the level of the Republic of Croatia.

We protect over 2,000 buildings with physical protection, and about 11,000 buildings are connected to the company's central alarm system. The company also has the largest fleet of 265 state-of-the-art armored vehicles for the transport of valuables and 193 official vehicles of the company for the needs of our intervention groups, supervisors and repairers / installers of technical protection systems.

Our 30 million kuna policy is the largest professional liability policy on the total security market in the Republic of Croatia.

The high quality of protection services we provide to many clients of the company is the result of many years of experience, reliability, expertise and continuous investment in education and training of staff, as well as professional organization and organization of work.

employed licensed security guards
facilities that we protect with physical protection services
facilities that we monitor and protect with technical protection
state-of-the-art armored vehicles to transport valuables

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The company provides private protection services throughout the Republic of Croatia, providing: physical protection of more than 2,000 facilities, and over 11,000 facilities with an autonomous technical protection system connected to the company's CAS. The services of private protection and transportation of valuables, provided by the company, are also used by most of the major financial institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

SOKOL d.o.o.

for personal and property protection services
Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/II, 10000 ZAGREB

tel: 01/4896-400
fax: 01/4826-906



tel: 01/4896-471
fax: 01/4828-487


Physical protection

tel: 01/4896-460
fax: 01/4896-465


Technical protection

tel: 01/4896-461
fax: 01/ 4633-487


Human resources

tel: 01/4896-419
fax: 01/4896-455


Media contact

tel: 01/4896-413


Branch Varaždin

Gustava Krkleca 18, 42 000 Varaždin

tel: 042/352-019, 352-020, 352-014

fax: 042/352-018

Branch Osijek

Strossmayerova 91/A, 31000 Osijek

tel: 031/37 61 07

fax: 031/37 61 11

Branch Petrinja

Otona Kučere 124, 44250 Petrinja

tel: 044/52 34 22

fax: 044/52 34 22

Branch Karlovac

Miroslava Krleže 4/e, 47000 Karlovac

tel: 047/64 62 12

fax: 047/52 34 22

Branch Rijeka

Šojska 10, 51221 Kostrena

tel: 051/33 57 71, 051/21 35 04

fax: 051/33 04 82

Branch Pula

Istarskih brigada 10, 52100 Pula

tel: 052/50 16 88

fax: 052/50 16 80

Branch Zadar

Bleiburških žrtava 17, 23000 Zadar

tel: 023/492-856, 098/496-456

fax: 023/492-855

Branch Split

Lovretska 27, 21000 Split

tel: 021/33 93 90

fax: 021/33 04 82

Branch Dubrovnik

Obala pape Ivana Pavla II. 24, 20000 Dubrovnik

tel: 020/311-640, 098/454-081

fax: 020/311-638